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SPEAK UP, TAKE ACTION. It might feel hard to take action for your future, when the current situation in our country feels unstable.
In times of crisis, immigration laws are at risk of change. Therefore, if you have the current opportunity to move your legal situation forward, this is the moment to ACT.
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What We Believe


Our Core Values

We change the narrative and fight negative stereotypes.

We see you at eye-level, with respect and without judgment.

We bridge the gaps between us.

We don’t take "no" for an answer.

STERN Law’s Mission

At STERN Law, we relentlessly defend your American Dream. The government will try its best to detain or deport those it considers unworthy. But when you decide to stand up and show the world what you’re made of, we fight proudly to secure your permanent place here in the United States.

We Defend the American Dream®

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What We Believe

We believe you are so much more than the worst thing you (may) have done.

We believe that no human being is illegal…and that you are not an outsider.

We believe that where there’s human will, there’s a way…and there’s a better way together.

We believe in knowing our neighbors.

We believe in celebrating holidays, births, weddings and graduations with family near and far, old and new.

We believe kids should be driven to school by their parents and know they’ll be there when they get home.

We believe that your spirit is the American spirit.

We believe that living doesn’t happen in the shadows … and that it’s time to step into the light.