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Jessica and her team were very professional, I would definitely recommend stern law, and I will not hesitate to go back to Jessica in the future if I have to.

- Would definitely recommend Stern Law!

The best attorney in Georgia. Sharp & Definitely could teach a lot of “good old boys” how to be passionate about being an attorney & making a difference in lives!

- The best attorney in Georgia

STERN Law took my case for free when I was arrested and charged with “pedestrian in the roadway” at a demonstration. I am eternally grateful for their expert representation and thorough follow-up over the course of the last two years as my case made its way through the system. Thank you STERN Law!

- Eternally grateful for their expert representation

Ms. Stern represented me for a lengthy case (a year plus). She was attentive the ENTIRE time, which is comforting at a time like that. When you call her, you actually get her (if you do reach her assistant, she is also very helpful and responsive). I’m completely satisfied with the outcome of my case, the work she did, and her expertise. I’d recommend Ms. Stern to anyone in need of quality representation.

- Attentive the ENTIRE time

Jessica was there for me from the first day I contacted her regarding my case. I had so many questions and concerns, but she was willing to listen and act quickly. Jessica is an incredibly professional, driven and results oriented person who is willing to go the extra mile for what is right. I’m not sure what I would have done without her support and guidance. I would highly recommend Stern Law for legal representation. I am so grateful and thankful that she was by my side.

- Willing to go the extra mile for what is right

Jessica fought for me like a lioness!!! No words can express my gratitude to her and her staff. Professional, caring and super attentive. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for immigration issues.

- I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for immigration issues

About one year ago, I came to Stern law seeking help renewing my green card, after been in the country for over 25 years and was denied citizenship once, these guys suggested let go for citizenship and green card! They are relentless! A year later today I have my naturalization certificate in my hands! I am now a citizen of the United States! I am very grateful and thankful for their help! thanks guys! And special thanks to Gabriella Henriquez who accompanied me to the interview! I was very nervous but she helped me to remained calm. Thanks again guys ! Keep up the great work!

- Keep up the great work!

My husband was facing some charges not very serious but enough to cause issues if given the chance. Stern Law Firm after we went for representation really executed this with expertise I recommend them to anyone who is facing Immigration or not they are great. Your team rocks Stern Law Firm

- I recommend them to anyone!

Jessica Stern is the best attorney you can get by far. She has done so much on my case. Ever since i see her as part of my family, pray and care for her. She has shown a lot and done a lot. So grateful I had a chance to meet a wonderful lady like her.

- Best attorney you can get by far!

May 2019, I was represented by Stern Law. Regarding prior court issues. Stern Law was very professional when handling my ICE case. The office staff along with Stern legal team made sure that my family and I are secured. I received numerous phone calls from office staff checking up on me throughout my entire ordeal, I am so confident within this law firm they are not only defending you but they are also defending your family to make certain you all stay together. They are fighting for what’s right. I am firm on my belief that I will have victory.
Thank you, Stern, law.

- Not only defending you, but they are also defending your family

Excellent people! Highly recommend Jessica Stern and all of her team.

- Excellent people!

Very efficient, felt really confident and well taken care of the whole time. Super attentive and genuinely cares for each client. I’m so thankful for the work and service provided here, my case being complicated I needed someone well adversed and super knowledgable. Stern Law was the perfect provider for my case and anything immigration related. Thank you!

- Super attentive and genuinely cares for each client
You deserve to be represented by the first 100% CrImmigration Law Firm in the country

As the first and only law firm that remains 100% committed to the defense of non-U.S. citizens through criminal and immigration law exclusively, we know you best. We know what success looks like for you… You will work with a team committed to the education of their community, their colleagues and themselves.

Take a stand for your future,RIGHT NOW.

If you’re ready to relentlessly FIGHT for your freedom, and WON’T take “no” for an answer, connect with STERN Law today!

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