Sylvia emigrated from Guatemala, motivated by the desire of experiencing and interacting with a new culture. She feels passionate about learning about diverse realities, understanding how the world works and helping out whenever possible.

Her ability to communicate, listen, build strong relationships and be detail-oriented make her a good fit for Intake Specialist. She takes pride in sharing values with her community and the Firm, such as: not judging others based on the worst thing they have done, and that we are all equal and deserve the opportunity to be treated with respect and understanding.

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As the first and only law firm that remains 100% committed to the defense of non-U.S. citizens through criminal and immigration law exclusively, we know you best. We know what success looks like for you… You will work with a team committed to the education of their community, their colleagues and themselves.

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If you’re ready to relentlessly FIGHT for your freedom, and WON’T take “no” for an answer, connect with STERN Law today!

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