Born and raised in NY to immigrant parents from Honduras and Costa Rica. Kristel experienced first-hand the struggles and sacrifices immigrant families endure to achieve their American Dream. Kristel lived in Honduras for several years, allowing her to work in the Consular Section of the US Embassy as the assistant to the Consul General of the US in the country.

While living in Honduras, Kristel experienced the aftermath of a military coup and the civil unrest after the unconstitutional reelection of the country’s president. This experience allowed Kristel to understand why many immigrants need to flee their home countries to provide their families safety and a better future. Kristel finds a lot of fulfillment in helping others, and she has been amazing at her role at STERN Law. Kristel makes sure our clients and visitors have the best experience by making them feel welcomed.

When she is not working, she enjoys volunteering with her daughter at a girls’ shelter that supports young women who have been removed from abusive homes and that have little to no family to care for them.

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