Christina Champagne

Christina Champagne is an Atlanta-raised attorney dedicated to client-centered representation and just results.

She became a Defender while a student at Emory Law School. Under Georgia’s Third-Year Practice Act, she interned at the Fulton and Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Offices. However, after a year working for two women who built a criminal defense firm after careers as public defenders, Christina quickly confirmed that her true passion is to defend the rights of the accused and protecting people from the insurmountable power of the Government.

Christina has represented clients on hundreds felony and misdemeanor cases, including aggravated assault, theft, child molestation, drug charges, minor in possession of alcohol, DUI, and traffic offenses. She has conducted hearings and trials before the State and Superior Courts of Georgia, serving clients spanning from Macon to Columbus, Atlanta, Athens, and north Georgia.

Christina transitioned to STERN Law to expand her practice to the defense of non-U.S. Citizens. She proudly protects people who are not only accused of violating the law, but who could lose their families and livelihoods if convicted (and deported or stripped of legal status). Christina also helps non-U.S. Citizens achieve legal status in the United States to pursue their dreams and stay united with their families. Christina believes that everyone deserves a chance to be a part of this great country, especially when a person works so hard to make it happen.

In her spare time, Christina enjoys yoga; being outdoors; traveling with her fiancé; and Georgia football.

Christina is admitted to the Bar in the State and Superior Courts of Georgia, Georgia Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Georgia.

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