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Your work product is outstanding. This is tremendously helpful and I’m at your guru-like command of immigration law. Well done. I should be able to get this case resolved by a plea with a great shot at probation- maybe some home confinement- but a very light active sentence at worst.
-- B. B. Ashmore, Criminal Defense Attorney

STERN Law regularly consults with individual criminal defense attorneys who are unfamiliar with immigration and how best to deal with criminal charges for non-US citizens. We step in to provide a careful legal analysis of their client’s immigration consequences, laying out the recommended strategy, before the attorney, or their client makes any decision in the case.

This consulting service is provided at a reasonable fee for retained counsel. Office-wide training is also available for a more in-depth understanding of common immigration issues.

STERN Law is the leading CrImmigration expert for defense attorneys. Jessica Stern has trained over 1000+ criminal defense lawyers across the country.

STERN Law regularly provides Padilla Assessments to criminal counsel to provide a careful analysis of a non-US citizen client’s immigration consequences.

What you will discover:

- Why is Padilla consulting necessary?
- Why you benefit from Padilla consulting?
- What types of cases can we help you win?

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