Sprouting Seeds of Freedom Summer

Find your Freedom this Summer as We Defend the American Dream Together!


From now until August, STERN Law will help more Non-U.S. Citizens find their freedom than ever before. How will we sprout more seeds of freedom this summer?

STERN Law will provide 150 free legal strategy sessions + a Bonus CrImmigration FAQ Sheet to the first 150 people ready to stand for their freedom!

Non-U.S. Citizens have long planted seeds of freedom in our United States!


These deep roots and the fruits of your labor are undeniably part of this land.


To share our unified pride, you’ll also have access to our exclusive Facebook Profile Picture Frame in support of our “Sprouting Seeds of Freedom” Summer.

We respect your privacy

Do I qualify for a Free Legal Strategy Session?

You qualify for a Free Legal Strategy Sesssion if you:

  • are not a U.S. citizen; AND
  • have a U.S. citizen or resident spouse, child or parent AND/OR have a pending criminal case in a Georgia court or federal district court; AND
  • don’t have any previous criminal convictions more serious than DUI on your record; AND
  • don’t have any previous deportation order(s); AND
  • are proactive and ready to stand up for your freedom!; AND
  • are invested in staying in the USA, your home.

If you’re uncertain, fill out the form, provide us more detail about your situation, and find out yourself!

What does the Free Legal Strategy Session include?

A full analysis of your legal situation with an Expert CrImmigration Team to find the best way to get you closer to Freedom and all your goals.

We pride ourselves in our expertise, and we get it right, the first time.

When should I expect my Free Legal Strategy Session?

Once you fill out the form to see if you qualify, our Team will be in touch with you within one business day. We will then coordinate the  Free Legal Strategy Session. This can be over the phone!

Our Free CrImmigration FAQ Sheet includes answers to common questions:

Can an old criminal arrest affect my immigration status?


Can I just pay the bond or fine and be released to go home?


Where can I look to see what happened with my criminal case?



1) Fill Out Short Webform To Confirm Eligibility



2) Receive Your Free CrImmigration FAQ Sheet!

3) Receive Call From Team For Your Free Legal Strategy Session


4) Finally Find Your Freedom This Summer!


Why Choose STERN Law?

STERN Law has years of experience representing non – U.S. citizens / immigrants with criminal histories.

STERN Law dedicates 100% to the representation of only non-U.S. citizens! We know and see you!

We spend the time to understand your needs and map out the direction for a successful defense plan.

We are highly rated and reviewed by clients, with a high success rate in the cases we represent.

If you’re ready for a relentless legal team, who will FIGHT for your freedom, and WON’T take “no” for an answer, connect with us today!