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What crimes are eligible for deportation?

For a non US citizen in any immigration category, there are a large number of criminal offenses that could make you face deportation. Some of these types of offenses are called crimes involving moral turpitude, which really is not a specific list of crimes. But there are types of crimes like theft, fraud, violent types of crimes.

Aggravated felonies is another category. And that’s something that has the highest consequence for deportation. Those are the worst types of offenses you could have. And they don’t even have to technically be felonies. You could have an aggravated felony conviction with a misdemeanor conviction, believe it or not, controlled substance offenses, you’d be deportable for every controlled substance offense other than one misdemeanor, less than an ounce of marijuana conviction, firearms offenses and other types of offenses like domestic violence.

There’s not one conclusive checklist that you can read online or hear me explain to you that would really help you know for sure, if you have a deportable conviction, it requires the careful analysis of an experienced CrImmigration attorney. And it’s such an important issue. Right. I mean, if you’re deportable, that’s the rest of your life in the United States that could be your your future and the future of your children. It’s an important enough issue to make sure that you have an experienced CrImmigration lawyer to to help you to know for sure. Is this criminal offense, a deportable offense or not. So give us a call. We will help you figure that out.


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