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Immigration Attorney Jessica Stern Explains the Trusted Colleague Network for Client Referrals

I created the trusted colleague network to better honor, the experience that you expect when you're making a referral and what your client or potential client is expecting. How often have you made a referral to a colleague through email that gets buried by 50 other emails and takes a while to get back to you? And when your potential client is wondering, are you ever going to send them that name you promise them? Or maybe you have your your friend, your colleagues personal cell phone number, and you're calling directly you're texting directly, but you're playing phone tag for three days in between court? And you're, you know, you're wondering, are you ever going to really be able to connect? Or, you know, you call the attorney's office, you talk to the receptionist or their answering service, and you let them know, I've got a referral. But you wonder, is the attorney ever really going to truly get the message, I want to make sure that you look good to the potential client or your client who is trusting you, you know, to to make sure that they're in good hands, right? You know, we want to make sure that they can continue to come back to you every time that they need help and trust that you're going to point them in the right direction. So with stern laws, trusted colleague network, I've made sure that I will be notified immediately of your referral, that you'll have an immediate conversation with one of my well trained, highly compassionate, new client intake team members who will make sure to understand what the referrals needs are, and make the right recommendation. There'll be priority scheduling for a consultation, we will be able to help them with making sure that things are lined up right away, you'll make sure that you'll have updates on what's possible for the potential client to make sure you know what's going on. You'll have access to resources, professional resources, like immigration consequences, resources. And also, business coaches have shared some resources coaches that I've worked with that have helped me in my firm, and more, you know, there's other benefits that are on our website of participating in the referral program and the trusted colleague network. So even though this might be an adjustment for you, we really ask that you make all referrals through Sterling law forward slash referrals, so that they, they your referral. And also you can have the experience that I just described, which is really truly what you and this important legal matter really deserve. Thank you. Thanks a million for your continued trust and support. You're the reason why we're able to continue helping so many non US citizens and make sure that they're not living in fear of deportation or detention and can have a better life.

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