Charged with a crime, when can I stop worrying about deportation?

If I have been charged with a crime, when can I stop worrying about deportation?

As a non-US citizen charged with a crime at any time in your past, the only time that you can stop worrying about deportation is once you are a US citizen. Anyone who’s not a citizen is still subject to the laws of deportation, and, you know, we’ve seen so many times, people be detained by immigration and customs enforcement, 20 years after their conviction. It’s not something that we want you to be living in fear about. We want you to be empowered to understand, you know, the impact of a conviction and how it can live on until the time that you become a citizen.

It takes a phone call to an experienced immigration firm like us at STERN Law to really make sure that you have the confidence to understand how does this conviction impact me? Do I need to be worried, you know, driving my car down the street every day that if immigration stops me, this conviction could still haunt me and could still create a risk of deportation. We can help you figure that out. We can make a plan for you, and we might even be able to go back and challenge that conviction that you have so that it doesn’t have to keep haunting you and being a risk of deportation.

We’re here to help. We’re easy to talk to. It’s worth the peace of mind getting that weight off your shoulders and knowing that there’s no law firm that really is here specifically for you. We’re a crew immigration firm we focus 100% of our time in defending non-US citizens like you. And so, reach out. We’re here to help.


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