Can a criminal defense attorney harm my immigration status unintentionally? Atlanta, GA

Can a criminal defense attorney harm my immigration status unintentionally?

We at stern law train criminal defense attorneys all over the country. And we’re friends with so many criminal defense attorneys, we’re criminal defense attorneys as well. But we’ve decided to specialize in only the defense of non US citizens. criminal defense attorneys are really great in a courtroom defending you against your criminal charges. And that’s one part of what you need as a non US citizen. But you know, those attorneys are also representing citizens who don’t have to worry about all of the consequences that come along with what is happening with this criminal offense and how it impacts your immigration status at every single stage of the case. Sometimes criminal defense attorneys think that they can just pick up the phone and call one of their immigration lawyer friends a few days before the case is going to be over and ask them for some advice. But you know, the immigration consequences are a living, breathing concern that have to be considered at every part of your criminal case. When you’re first arrested, right? Is immigration going to come and detain you from the jail? Should I pay my bond? What’s going to happen if I pay my bond? Can I accept this offer? Should I go to trial? Is this offense going to be okay, if I have a conviction for this offense over that offense? These are all things that most criminal defense attorneys are not going to be able to competently answer when you’re sitting across the table from them and asking them, you know, how will this affect my immigration status specifically? Right, not generally not saying, I don’t know, I’m not an immigration lawyer. criminal defense attorneys have to understand how to properly advise you of the deportation consequences. And you know, many don’t, we’re still working towards that. And we’re still training many criminal defense attorneys so that they can better defend you. But for now, if you have the option to hire a criminal Gration, attorney, that’s going to be the best option for you because it’s an attorney who is going to be able to really strongly fight against your criminal defense or your criminal case in criminal court, and also will very expertly understand at every point how it impacts your immigration status. So at the very least, if you can’t hire an immigration attorney or you’ve already hired a regular defense attorney, have your criminal defense attorney hire a crew immigration firm to do some consulting and to you know, help advise them about the right advice to give you we’re here to help in either situation.


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