Can a conviction be removed to clean my record so that immigration does not see it? Atlanta, GA

Can a conviction be removed to clean my record so that immigration does not see it?

A conviction can be removed from your record because you might not want the consequence of that conviction for immigration purposes. So, maybe you have a conviction that makes you deportable or you have a conviction that’s blocking you from being able to get your residency or become a citizen, those are things that an experienced immigration attorney can take a look at to see if there’s some way to do what’s called a post-conviction appeal to go back and challenge the appeal and see if there’s some legal reason to go back and undo it. But it will always still show up as an arrest for immigration purposes.

Everything on your record is always going to show up for immigration, but the question is going to be, is it still a conviction? And does that conviction have the consequence that you want to avoid? So, we have a lot of experience going back and doing appeals to reopen up the criminal case because a lot of times, it’s a situation where your criminal defense lawyer didn’t really understand the consequences for your immigration status, unfortunately, and technically violated your rights. And so, you have a chance to go back to the court and say, If I would have known that this conviction could make me deportable, I would have never agreed to it, I would have never pleaded guilty, I would have gone to trial. And so, those are things that can be done. It’s very challenging, and you know, it’s very requires expertise of a criminal immigration attorney, but it’s absolutely possible, and we’d be happy to take a look at your conviction if you need help figuring out how it’s possible to make it go away.


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