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SPEAK UP, TAKE ACTION. It might feel hard to take action for your future, when the current situation in our country feels unstable.
In times of crisis, immigration laws are at risk of change. Therefore, if you have the current opportunity to move your legal situation forward, this is the moment to ACT.
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What is CrImmigration?

Non-Citizens Face Serious Immigration Consequences
if Arrested or Convicted of any Criminal Offense

CrImmigration law covers every aspect of these consequences:

Risk of Deportation, if convicted or not

Likelihood of ICE Custody after paying bond, pleading guilty, or case dismissal

Strategic defense in criminal case, balancing protection of immigration status

Ability to keep Green Card or other lawful status, during criminal case or after conviction

Eligibility to become a Naturalized U.S. Citizen, during criminal case or after conviction

STERN Law knows you better.

We know what you have been through and where you want to go.
We will get you there.

If you are not a U.S. Citizen and you have been arrested, for anything, ever, you need a lawyer who knows how to handle the above situations. All of it should be handled carefully, by one Attorney. One law firm. One point of communication. You are in better hands with one CrImmigration Attorney – instead of a criminal defense attorney and a separate immigration attorney.  


Why We Are 100% Committed to CrImmigration

We started defending clients in criminal courts across the State more than 10 years ago. STERN Law could not ignore that non-U.S. Citizens receive a much lower quality of representation than Americans.  Whether it’s because of a language barrier, many criminal defense attorneys’ lack of immigration law knowledge, or an overall cultural bias, this difference is unacceptable.

STERN Law has dedicated itself to improving the representation of immigrants facing both criminal and immigration consequences. 

Through clear and consistent representation, STERN Law provides representation and counsel for non-U.S. citizens who need to secure their permanent place here in the United States.

CrImmigration Podcast

Guest of U.S. Immigration Podcast, Attorney Jessica Stern defines “CrImmigration” and discusses who it impacts most.

Free Resource

Download our free guide to Georgia crime offenses and consequences.

Closer Look Radio Show

by Rose Scott ft. Jessica Stern

Jessica Stern from STERN Law joined Rose Scott of NPR show Closer Look last week to discuss the critical impact of CrImmigration Law. CrImmigration requires the understanding of how a local, state, or federal criminal offense can impact a non-U.S. citizen’s immigration status. The specific consequences could affect their ability to achieve or maintain lawful status or may even present a deportation risk. STERN Law has dedicated itself to improving the representation of Non-U.S. Citizens, facing both criminal and immigration consequences, and help to secure their permanent place in the United States. Listen to the full interview and learn more about CrImmigration.

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A CrImmigration Attorney is the answer to all of your questions


Any past, present or future criminal arrest or citation could put your immigration status in jeopardy

Thought any criminal defense attorney can properly defend you in the criminal case?  Didn’t think that guilty plea would impact your green card? Think again. There are multiple immigration consequences you might be unaware of.

Your immigration status will make a criminal defense strategy more complex and in need of expertise

Can you renew your green card now or apply for citizenship? How can you make sure it will be approved without any risk of deportation? Don’t have status now but want the opportunity in the future?

We are 100% committed to non-U.S. citizens

All our clients are non-U.S. citizens, with diverse backgrounds and histories. They require a law firm that not only understands their legal case, but also one that sees their value and key contributions to their communities. STERN Law is proud to be that firm.