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Criminal Defense

Being accused of criminal conduct, being arrested, or even worse, being convicted, can be overwhelming for anyone. However, for Non-U.S. Citizens, criminal accusations and convictions are even more stressful as they have a significant impact when you consider that the consequences can include the loss of immigration status, and in some cases, it can lead to deportation. For non-U.S. citizens, there is an added element of complexity that needs to be taken into account when hiring a criminal defense attorney because inexperienced attorneys can jeopardize non-U.S. citizens’ right to remain in the country.

Criminal Defense attorneys who work with Non-U.S. Citizens, therefore, need to be prepared to understand and address any potential effects that a criminal case may have on their clients’ eligibility to stay in the country. It is important to address usual concerns about fines and jail time. However, it is very important to also consult clients on immigration status related questions such as:

  • Can I still become a U.S. citizen?
  • Will I lose my green card?
  • Can I keep my visa and continue to work?
  • Will I go into an immigration or ICE jail for deportation?
  • Is it possible to get charges dismissed and removed from your record permanently?

At STERN Law, we are a team dedicated to represent non-U.S. citizens facing criminal and immigration problems. A non-citizen with criminal charges can experience very different consequences than a U.S. citizen with the same charges, but at STERN Law, we will do everything that we can to make sure you are treated fairly. While every case is unique and requires a custom strategy, we offer services that can lead to the types of outcomes that most non-U.S. citizens need. For example, at STERN Law, we are known for helping our clients avoid adverse effects with outcomes such as:

  • Case Dismissal
  • Jury Trial
  • Negotiating a Guilty Plea without unintended consequences
  • Appeal of existing criminal convictions to eliminate the immigration consequence.

In fact, we decided to specialize in this sort of criminal and immigration law because we believe that many Non-U.S. Citizens who make mistakes or are falsely accused deserve a chance to be heard and properly represented without having to suffer extreme punishment like the loss of immigration benefits or deportation. If you are a Non-U.S. Citizen we know that you are really here to build a life for you and your family and not to be judged or treated as if your past has to define your future. As immigrants and Non-U.S. citizens, traffic violations, misdemeanors, felonies, and DUIs can result in jail or prison time, monetary penalties, and serious immigration implications if you do not receive proper legal representation to minimize some or all of these consequences.

We appreciate your journey as an immigrant, and we know that you are here to provide for yourself and/or your family with the financial support they need, to make sure your children receive a good education, and to enjoy the life and freedom the U.S. has to offer. And we know that to achieve your American dream, sometimes you make choices that risk your freedom, and that can result in criminal accusations, but at STERN Law, we believe that you are so much more than the worst thing you (may) have done and your dreams are worth fighting for.

If you are wondering if it is possible to get criminal charges dismissed, or if you can keep your work visa or green card, or if it is possible to become a U.S. citizen after facing a criminal charge, contact us! At STERN Law, we have years of experience representing non-U.S. citizens facing criminal charges, and we can fight for you to protect you from ICE and deportation.

We provide clear and consistent representation and counsel for non-U.S. citizens who face any sort of criminal charge, allegation, or investigation. Here are five things that every non-U.S. citizen charged with a crime should know:
  • You have the right to the same information that any U.S. citizen with a criminal charge should know
  • Paying a fine or receiving probation results in a conviction that could affect your eligibility for immigration benefits
  • Even if you’re guilty, there is room for an attorney to help you reduce the implications of criminal charges to your immigration case
  • Missing your court date for fear of being detained or deported can cause more harm than good to your case
  • Your criminal defense lawyer is required to let you know if you will be deported as a consequence of any convictions

If you are not a U.S. citizen, any criminal conviction will likely affect your ability to achieve or maintain lawful status in the United States and may even cause you to be deported from the country. That is why, before any conviction is entered into the legal system, it is so important to get help from a lawyer who fully understands both the criminal and immigration processes.

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