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Defending Against Property Crimes

A conviction for most Property Offenses will violate immigration laws as a “crime involving moral turpitude” or “aggravated felony” offense.  Court opinions change the law on this every day. STERN Law has the expertise to successfully defend your criminal case and immigration status.
In Georgia criminal courts and the Immigration Courts, property crimes are treated very seriously.  State law has changed slightly in recent years to reduce punishment for lower-value property offenses; still, judges and prosecutors are very sensitive to allegations that others’ hard-earned property is taken or damaged criminally.

Property crimes are many times related to drug use and abuse. STERN Law knows how to protect victims of drug addiction from the harshest penalties, tailoring a resolution to suit the needs of client and the community as a whole.

An arrest for a property crime does not mean there is enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it happened the way, or by the person, the police or alleged victim accuse.  These cases require significant investigation and legal analysis.
In some situations, felony property offenses can even be sentenced as a misdemeanor.  Take a closer look at specific offenses for more information.

STERN Law has experience defending all Federal and Georgia state property crime offenses.

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