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Federal Immigration Crimes

Immigration-related crimes have always existed in our federal laws – against passport and document fraud, illegal (re) entry, smuggling, and more. However, it is now a clear priority of the federal Department of Justice to focus on the prosecution of immigration crimes to the fullest extent.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces the Department of Justice’s Renewed Commitment to Criminal Immigration Enforcement (learn more)

This priority has resulted in:

More criminal prosecutions and convictions

Appointment of more judges

Efforts to threaten state funding if not in compliance with federal policy

More funding for border security

Deputization of local sheriffs as ICE agents

State and local legislation to criminalize immigration-related offenses on state level

It is always important to obtain the assistance of an experienced federal defense attorney when charged with any federal crime, but it’s especially important to have a  CrImmigration attorney when charged with a criminal immigration offense because it is a very specialized area of law.

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