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Driving & Traffic Offenses

All Georgia traffic offenses are considered a criminal misdemeanor offense. 

Do not assume that a traffic offense is only something minor. You can get arrested for most traffic offenses and some have mandatory sentence conditions. There are potential immigration consequences with any offense that lands you in a jail.  

Traffic Offense Arrests are the #1 Most Common Reason for ICE Detention 

In any of these circumstances, a traffic arrest will trigger an ICE custody risk:

You are not lawfully present in the U.S. and the local jail notifies ICE when ready for release.

You have legal status but prior criminal conviction history. You may be deportable for your prior record.

DUI arrest for non-immigrant visa holders

Before you pay the bond for release from jail or rush to pay a traffic citation, talk with a CrImmigration Attorney.  

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Here’s Why

Driving Without a License

Do not just pay your ticket! There are other ways to defend and protect you from mandatory jail time and deportation.

Every conviction for Driving Without or Suspended license has a consequence for your future.  *2 or more in a 5 year period requires mandatory minimum jail time. *4 or more convictions in a lifetime could result in a felony charge and conviction.

Even if you have driven without a license or on a suspended license, there are important strategies possible to prevent a conviction or ending up in ICE custody.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

A DUI has serious consequences and is considered a dangerous offense by immigration authorities.

Non-U.S. citizens with employment-based visas are at risk for visa cancellation with even only an arrest for DUI.

Undocumented folks with DUI arrests or convictions will have significant issues getting released from immigration custody with an Immigration Court bond.


Hit and Run

Everyone get into car accidents, but undocumented folks who are afraid of police and ICE custody might make the split second decision to leave the scene of the accident out of fear. 

A warrant will be issued for Hit and Run (a criminal misdemeanor) if you leave the scene of an accident. 

This offense has serious consequences and must be handled carefully by an experienced CrImmigration attorney to avoid jail and deportation.