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Client Victories


STERN Law has improved the lives of hundreds of happy clients. We simply don’t take “no” for an answer. 


Success Rate

Happy Clients since 2014

  • Immigration Benefit Cases – with no criminal complications 39% 39%
  • CrImmigration Cases – involve both immigration + criminal challenge 51% 51%
  • Criminal Defense Cases – with no immigration-related) 10% 10%

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of clients we kept secure with their families


of clients seeking legal status obtained citizenship, green card and/or immigrant visa


of clients protected from deportation

  • Clients with criminal charges or convictions that were dismissed! 93% 93%

What is a Client Victory?

If we kept a client out of jail or prison and prevented deportation, it is a victory!

Our statistics reflect outcomes as of March 30, 2018

(Happy Client # Current through March 2019)

STERN Law believes in a better way.

We believe that no one should be defined by the worst mistake they (might) have made.

We relentlessly defend your American Dream.

100% of STERN Law clients are non-U.S. citizens


We're dedicated to changing the narrative and fight negative stereotypes.


We spend time to understand your needs and map out the direction for a successful defense plan


Client Success Stories

Secured U.S. Citizenship & Passport

Secured U.S. Citizenship & Passport

D.E. was born in the United States to a mother from Ghana. He had traveled back and forth as a child, but spent all of his adult life in the states. An exciting job opportunity required him to travel internationally, and so he applied for a U.S. passport as any other...

Felony Offense Dismissed & Avoided Deportation

Felony Offense Dismissed & Avoided Deportation

Our client's son, H.S., faced absolute deportation until she found STERN Law. We fought to successfully dismiss the felony drug charges, secured his release from jail and worked tirelessly to convince the Department of Homeland Security to grant him Deferred Action...

Criminal Conviction Eliminated & Admissible for Green Card

Criminal Conviction Eliminated & Admissible for Green Card

C.M. has been in the U.S. since 12 years old from Jamaica. He has spent decades pursuing a passion for photography and uses it as a tool to strengthen his community. Throughout his youth, he was convicted of two separate misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions....