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What is CRimmigration?

What is CRimmigration?


Jessica Stern was interviewed by Mark Deal with U.S. Immigration Podcast and was asked to discuss the concept of CRimmigration to foreign nationals and other immigration law practitioners.


In the interview, you’ll learn about:

  • The blending of Criminal Law and Immigration Law;
  • When a noncitizen faces criminal charges and does not understand how those criminal charges, and ultimately potential criminal convictions, could affect their current immigration status;
  • When a person already has a criminal conviction (or finds themselves in deportation proceedings) but desires to achieve some sort of immigration status and is worried about how the criminal conviction will affect them.

Jessica discusses specific examples of common scenarios:

  • H1B worker arrested for shoplifting and concerned about how it’s going to affect the visa status;
  • Lawyers who represent the employer of a particular working visa holder with criminal charges and how they can mitigate the impact on the immigration status;
  • A foreign national “required” to leave the U.S. while there is a pending criminal case;
  • A Lawful Permanent Resident who used a fake store receipt which was considered a forgery offense in Georgia, detained in removal proceedings and is ineligible for bond because of Aggravated Felony;
  • How wording of criminal sentence will affect how the Immigration Court views the sentence despite the actual intentions of the criminal court;
  • CRimmigration defense being a great resource for both criminal practitioners and immigration attorneys who have a foreign national client who may already have a conviction.

Jessica’s parting thoughts:

  • If a person is not a U.S. citizen, they are always at risk for potential deportation.
  • Regardless of how long a person has been a lawful permanent resident or how long they’ve held their current visa, they are still affected by the immigration laws and need careful counsel.

Jessica specializes in:

  • Criminal defense for non-citizens with criminal charges
  • Foreign nationals facing deportation proceedings
  • Post-conviction relief/appeals
  • Family Based immigration
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