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The Impact of President Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration and Who is Affected

The Impact of President Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration and Who is Affected

*New Immigration Update*

The Impact of President Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration and Who is Affected

Issued February 11, 2017 – Atlanta, GA

Within the past 2-3 weeks, President Donald Trump issued four Executive Orders related to Immigration policy. We have seen the immediate impact and changes from the previous administration. You have may have been impacted directly, or most certainly you are concerned about what this means for your current situation and future.

The purpose of this update is to help clarify the truth from the rumors and to assist you with preparation and planning for what may come next. It is important to understand two main things:

The Executive Orders have not changed any actual law that exists. Instead, the orders direct the agencies under the control of the Executive Branch of U.S. government to operate differently. It changes policies, but it does not eliminate or change any legal benefit, right or protection provided by federal statutes or the Constitution of the United States.[1]
This is all moving very fast. Tomorrow, some of this information may be outdated or no longer relevant. However, it’s critical that we do not act with haste simply based on sensational media reports or public fear campaigns. These tactics used by the federal government are intended to create fear and encourage non-U.S. citizens, both new arrivals and even long-time local residents, to flee the country. Before you make any significant decision regarding your status in the U.S., it is critical that you seek the advice of your trusted immigration attorney or do careful research to find one with a reputation for honesty and diligence.
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This Immigration Update Announcement focuses on three main topics: International Travel, I.C.E. Enforcement of Immigration Laws within the U.S., and the immediate future of DACA protections.

Who is Affected by the Executive Orders on Immigration?


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