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Pro Tip: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Applying for an Immigration Benefit.

Pro Tip: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Applying for an Immigration Benefit.

1. Applying for the Wrong Benefit: Each person and each case is unique. It is essential to consider your individual circumstances before blindly applying for the first benefit that seems to apply. It’s not enough to have a qualifying relative, the petitioner must also meet specific requirements. The decision for the right benefit or process is a legal determination, requiring a careful balance of legal consequences.

2. Missing the Correct Forms for the Selected Benefit: It is necessary to do extensive research and understand the necessary requirements to prove eligibility for the benefit before you submit your application. Your application can be denied simply due to filing errors, even if you have the right qualifications. Denials can lead to deportation.

3. You and your Evidence are Not Persuasive: You need to tell your story to the government through the evidence submitted. This story should be so compelling that there is no doubt that you have met your legal burden of proof. It is not enough to think you deserve it; every document should be confirmation that approval is the only appropriate decision.

4. Proceeding without Attorney Advice if you’ve EVER been Arrested: Immigration processes are complicated enough, but when it involves a previous arrest or conviction, an Attorney is required. It doesn’t matter how small the offense or final outcome. The implications can be significant, and only an experienced CrImmigration attorney can interpret the impact and guide you properly.

5. Missing Deadlines: People often miss deadlines for evidence or interviews appointments. This can jeopardize the chance of approval. In an immigration process, you must be extremely organized and proactive about next steps. Review your case status online regularly and keep all your document copies in one, secure place.

There are many reasons why an application can be denied. As a CrImmigration Firm, STERN Law understands how to navigate through even the most complex of situations. We evaluate and understand the specific situation of each person to prepare the best strategy. We ensure that our clients are more than prepared for a successful outcome with the immigration benefit that is right for them.

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