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Life with Covid-19: Not Letting Fear Hold Us Back

Life with Covid-19: Not Letting Fear Hold Us Back

While many government agencies are at home teleworking without complete focus on their caseloads, our team at STERN Law has continued working around the clock during the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that our clients’ rights are respected and that cases don’t fall through the cracks. We are also working hard to make sure that our clients come out ahead when everything goes back to normal.

Our clients need us more now than ever, and STERN Law plans to stay active by
Petitioning the courts to release our clients from detention, dismiss criminal charges, and cancel deportations during Covid-19
Building strong applications of support for immigration benefits that will continue to be processed
Improving our internal systems to ensure that the STERN Law team is able to adjust to change and can be available when our clients need us
We have special technology in place to help us do our work remotely in observance of social distancing recommendations. We are also committed to client safety and have innovated the way we meet. We know that even though things might feel scary, our clients can’t stop their lives, so we have made the following secure communication options available to our clients during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Telephone conferences
Video conferences
Web meetings and chat
Agency Updates During COVID-19
There are many changes with the Agencies that we interact with to resolve our cases successfully. However, at STERN Law we are still operating at full capacity. Why? Because our clients cannot afford to simply press pause on their lives. It is worth too much to give up now.
You deserve the chance to stop living in fear, specially during the Covid-19 pandemic. You have earned the right to drive confidently to work and to be with your children without fear that you won’t make it back home. You have worked too hard to not earn what you are worth. You can be proud of who you are.

If legal immigration status and permanent freedom is within your reach, is it worth pursuing right now? At STERN Law we believe it is!

USCIS is accepting applications. ICE and local police are still making arrests. Deportation courts are still operating. Put us to WORK for YOU.

Key Agency updates during Covid-19:

Criminal Courts: Suspended all jury trials for 30 days, effective Monday, March 16th.
Georgia Courts: Suspended civil jury trials and “non-essential” court matters through April 13th.
Immigration Courts: Suspended non-detained immigration hearings through April 10th.
Atlanta ICE Field Office: Suspended in-person reporting temporarily.
USCIS: Suspended all in-person services at least until April 1st.

You deserve to be represented by the first 100% CrImmigration Law Firm in the country

As the first and only law firm that remains 100% committed to the defense of non-U.S. citizens through criminal and immigration law exclusively, we know you best. We know what success looks like for you… You will work with a team committed to the education of their community, their colleagues and themselves.

Take a stand for your future,RIGHT NOW.

If you’re ready to relentlessly FIGHT for your freedom, and WON’T take “no” for an answer, connect with STERN Law today!

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