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Is Trump Closing U.S. Immigration?

Trump is NOT Closing U.S. Immigration
Trump’s Presidential Proclamation was issued late Wednesday night.
It does not significantly change immigration policy.

Trump is not closing U.S. immigration. His Presidential Proclamation was more of a political stunt than a policy change. After bold tweets on Monday, many were concerned that Trump would freeze all immigration for new legal residents.
Instead, there is a 60 day restriction on only some new visas issued for legal residency.

What does this mean for you?
Before you panic, you’ll notice that this impacts only a small group of people, for a limited time.

The U.S. Department of State, controlling the U.S. consulates and embassies all over the world, will not allow for some new immigrant visas to be issued for 60 days.This only applies to approved beneficiaries of relative immigrant petitions for legal residency, currently outside of the U.S. who do not yet have a visa issued, in the following categories only:
Parents, siblings or adult sons/daughters of U.S. citizens;
Any relative of lawful permanent residents;
Many employment-based residency categories.
If you are in one of the above categories, do not panic! Clients of STERN Law will have a specific plan coordinated for their unique situation. Remember, this only relates to consulates abroad issuing visas for a period of 60 days. This in no way impacts pending I-130 petitions with USCIS.

Who is not blocked from entering the U.S.?
Most immigrants are not excluded from legal residency. This has a very limited scope.This 60-day exclusion is only applied to a very limited group of people. The following people or situations are NOT affected by this proclamation in any way:

Current legal residents (conditional or permanent);
Current applicants for residency through adjustment of status (with USCIS);
Anyone already granted an immigrant visa (even if still outside the U.S.);
Anyone recently admitted into the U.S. on immigrant visa, awaiting residency card;
Spouses of U.S citizens awaiting immigrant visa interview with consulate;
Children (under 21) of U.S. citizens awaiting immigrant visa interview with consulate;
Immigrant visa applicant who is healthcare worker or performing covid-19 research;
Members of U.S. Armed Forces, their spouse and children;
EB5 Immigrant Investor Program applicants;
Special Immigrant visa in SI or SQ qualification, their spouse and children;
Any immigrant whose entry furthers important U.S. law enforcement objectives, based on AG recommendation;
Any immigrant whose entry would be in the national interest, according to DHS;
All immigrant applications/petitions currently, or to be, filed with USCIS are not restricted in any way!

What should you do to protect your immigration status?
Work with your lawyer to file your case as soon possible. Now is not the time to delay. With this administration, we must always have a Plan A, B, and C.
If you are a client of STERN Law with a current case, we will communicate with you directly to determine the next steps, if any, that we will need to take in response to this 60 day restriction. Our team is always thinking about you, and we are going to bring the strategy to you. No need to worry.

If you have wanted to move ahead with improving your immigration status but you have not started the process, it is not the time to wait. Don’t let the negative rhetoric of this administration win.
(If you thought before that you do not need a lawyer because your cousin said he got his green card in four months, or because you can just fill out forms and that is all it seems the lawyer does anyway, or that you can overcome the public charge all on your own), now is the time to stop and think for (more than) a second:

Can you afford the delays?
Can you confidently navigate this on your own?
What is the cost of doing nothing?
What is the true cost of doing it on your own?
We are getting LOTS of calls about this… and the answer is:

Immigration is still open. They are processing cases. We are doing even more than that – securing releases of our clients from custody and preparing more cases to file with USCIS than even before. Our clients need us more now than ever.

We will keep you updated. Please share with others who need to hear this.
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