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GACDL Newsletter Cover Story, “We are Defenders”

STERN Law attorneys write on Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (GACDL) newsletter cover story: “We are Defenders – Different Playing Field, Same Team.” They comment on the current administration’s immigration policies, as well as provide advice to Criminal Defense Lawyers:

“As defense attorneys, we know that our non-U.S. citizen (USC) clients can face life-changing consequences because of a criminal conviction. We have been told over and over, that a case resolution otherwise successful for a U.S. citizen, like 1st offender or some other sweet deal, may be the nail in a non-USC’s coffin. We are warned that our performance may earn our client a trip back to a country he barely knows, or even one he fears. Unfortunately, this is often the case. As
the list of offenses that expose a non-citizen to removal gets longer, the stakes in the criminal process are now higher than ever.”

Find full publication here.


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