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Can a non-U.S. citizen be deported for driving without a license?

Technically, a driving without a license conviction by itself it not an offense you would be deported for. A person is deportable for being in the U.S. without legal status (which is usually why they are driving without a license). However, if you are in the United States without legal status, and you are arrested for driving without a license, at the time you go into the jail it can trigger immigration to put a hold on you in order to start deportation proceedings. So, a person is not going to be deported simply because they are convicted of driving without a license; however, the arrest is often the reason that a person ends up in deportation proceedings AND can be a reason for an immigration judge to deny bond while the deportation case is pending.
If you have been arrested for driving without a license, it’s important to talk to a CrImmigration (Criminal & Immigration) attorney.

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