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In order to check the status of your immigration petition or application with USCIS, you are free to check the status here: casestatus/

You will be required to enter the receipt number of the application that you filed. This receipt number is contained in the receipt notice that USCIS sends after you file your application. After entering the receipt number in the USCIS website, it will show you the most recent status of your application.

Many times, you will still need more information than this site will provide. If you need more information on your immigration application status, you can also set up an INFOPass appointment to speak directly with a USCIS officer: appointment

If your immigration case is with the NVC, or the National Visa Center, because it’s waiting for an interview abroad at a U.S. consulate, the easiest way to check the status of your immigration petition or application is through the NVC website: content/travel/en/us-visas/ immigrate/national-visa- center.html

You will be required to enter your NVC number, which is given to you through the NVC invoices that you were required to pay before you started the process.

Checking your status should be really easy, but if you run into any issues, you may want to contact an attorney. If you want to avoid issues in the first place, and usually a more expensive attempt to fix problems after they happen, hire an experienced lawyer from the start. At STERN Law we provide our clients the most updated status of their application on a monthly basis.