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White collar crimes may lead to lengthy prison sentences in Georgia. These charges tend to involve financial violations rather than violent actions. While those who carry out crimes like embezzlement or fraud might not cause physical harm, prosecutors will pursue charges against them aggressively.

If you currently face any allegations of similar offenses, you will need to find an experienced attorney who can protect your rights. An Atlanta white collar crimes lawyer will work with you to build a defense strategy.

Types of White Collar Crimes

As mentioned, white collar crimes tend to be financial violations. Below are some common crimes that fall into this category:

  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Securities fraud
  • Identify fraud


This offense is sometimes called theft by conversion. Those who commit embezzlement will convert another person’s assets to themselves, often in violation of their fiduciary duties to another person or a company. An example may include an employee who responsible for putting money in the bank but who takes some of the cash for themselves.

The penalties for embezzlement will vary depending on the value of the property involved. Prosecutors in Atlanta can try this white collar crime as a misdemeanor or a felony. Felony charges come with much harsher sentences that may include up to ten years of confinement.

Money Laundering 

O.C.G.A. Section 7-1-912 defines the crime of money laundering. This crime occurs when a person who obtains money illegally works to conceal the fund’s origins by using financial transactions. Depending on the financial institutions involved, the crime might be a federal offense with the possibility of decades in prison.

Securities Fraud

Sometimes, individuals may refer to this crime as insider trading. Georgia law prohibits individuals from using an unfair advantage to gain money on investments or selling securities.

An example would be a corporate executive trading in their own stocks based on information they know about significant events inside their company. Not only is this white collar crime illegal in Georgia, but there are federal laws that also prohibit this conduct.

Identity Fraud

Identity fraud or identity theft involves one person using another person’s identity, personal documents, and information without the other person’s consent. An example would include a person using another individual’s information to take out a loan. Convictions can lead to between one and ten years in prison.

Other Similar Offenses

Other offenses may fall into this area of law, including forgery, bribery, and computer crimes. White collar crimes are often technical and complex. It is wise to find an experienced Atlanta criminal defense lawyer who understands all the financial intricacies of the charges.

White Collar Crimes and Non-Citizens

When it comes to non-citizens, the impact of even a suspicion of certain crimes can impact immigration status and put a person at risk for deportation. Fraud, money laundering, and many other crimes create profound implications when the suspect is an immigrant.

Individuals facing even suspicion for these violations should proactively seek legal counsel. An Atlanta attorney experienced in white collar crimes can help explain the implications of charges and work on protecting the defendant’s rights.

Defending Against Charges for White Collar Crimes

Like any crime, defendants are innocent until proven guilty. In each case, there might be defenses available based on the facts. Some potential defenses include entrapment, incapacity, coercion, and the lack of intent.

Sometimes a defendant can show that they only committed the crime after being manipulated by law enforcement or government officers. There may be cases where the best strategy is to attempt to negotiate a favorable reduction in charges or a plea. The correct course of action will vary depending on many various unique aspects in a case.

Hiring an Atlanta White Collar Crimes Attorney

Facing charges for a white collar crime can be frightening. The legal penalties can include lengthy prison terms, fines, restitution that may run into the millions of dollars, and severe immigration consequences. Of course, facing these charges may also cause a person to lose their career and professional reputation.

If you are accused of committing any white collar offense, you need the help of an Atlanta white collar crimes lawyer. Your attorney will work to protect your rights and your future.

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