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Why Aren’t You a U.S. Citizen?

You may be a Permanent Resident or have other status that provides legal benefits and residency in the United States. However, a green card does not protect you the same as U.S. Citizenship. It is important to understand the difference.

Here are some benefits as a U.S. citizen that are not available with a green card:

Protection from Deportation
Until you’re a citizen, you are subjected to the laws of deportation. Even after decades in the U.S., one mistake could cause your deportation.
Your voice is counted and considered in our country’s political and law-making process. Your vote is more important than ever!
Bringing family members to the United States
As a citizen, you can provide immigration benefits for your parents, children, and siblings to join you in the U.S.
Access to federal jobs and privileges
The U.S. government has many opportunities restricted to citizens, including jobs, social welfare and grant programs.
STERN Law is happy to help you through the exciting journey of becoming a United States Citizen. We have significant experience with simple and complex naturalization processes.

You May Qualify for U.S. Citizenship Naturalization if you have:

  • Been a permanent resident for at least 5 years and meet all other eligibility requirements.
  • Been a permanent resident for 3 years or more and meet all eligibility requirements to file as a spouse of a U.S. citizen.
  • Qualifying service in the U.S. armed forces and meet all other eligibility requirements.
  • Proof of tax payments for the 3 or 5 year period before application
  • Proof of your “Good Moral Character” for the 3 or 5 year period before application
  • No disqualifying criminal convictions that bar citizenship
  • No existing criminal sentence that still requires completion

Your Child May Qualify for U.S. Citizenship Naturalization if:

  • You are a U.S. citizen.
  • The child was born outside the U.S.
  • The child is currently residing outside the U.S.
  • And all other eligibility requirements are met.
NOTE: You may already be a U.S. citizen and not need to apply for naturalization! If your biological or adoptive parent(s) became a U.S. citizen before you reached the age of 18, this may be possible but the law is tricky!
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If you’re ready to relentlessly FIGHT for your freedom, and WON’T take “no” for an answer, connect with STERN Law today!

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