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Administrative and judicial forms of relief are available to a non-citizen after removal hearings have ended. These forms of relief are similar to appeals because they seek to overturn or challenge an order issued by an Immigration Judge.

When a non-citizen or DHS disagrees with the decision of an Immigration Judge, they can appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to have the immigration judge’s ruling overturned. The BIA is an administrative body that has the authority to interpret Federal immigration laws. An appeal of an immigration judge’s decision must be received by the BIA within 30 days from the date it was issued by the court.

Under the immigration laws, the Federal Courts of Appeal have the authority to hear certain decisions appealed from the BIA. If a non-citizen disagrees with the rulings of the BIA, they may be able to appeal to the Federal courts. A a non-citizen has 30 days from the date of a final removal decision to file a judicial appeal.

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