Our "Why"

Our “Why”

STERN Law’s Mission

We are changing the narrative about immigrants and people charged with crimes – by educating the community, improving the standard of legal representation through attorney training and consulting, and client empowerment. We see you at eye-level. You are not defined by the worst thing that you (may) have done.

We Defend the American Dream®

Why We Do This Work

Walking into a courtroom, where your freedom and liberty are at stake, is terrifying.  Understanding the legal process and your rights can be very difficult.  We are doing our best work when we help a client fully understand the situation they are in and provide comfort through knowing they have an experienced attorney determined to help and achieve results.

You may feel confused, alone or judged by the system.  You will not have to convince STERN Law that you deserve the best representation possible and a positive, successful result.  There is good in all of us, despite even our biggest mistakes, and we are proud to serve as our client’s most trusted counsel.  We will work diligently to turn your seemingly impossible situation into a manageable strategy with a clear, focused plan of action.  STERN Law will help you see the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Too many attorneys forget that their clients are entrusting them with their lives.  You want to know what is happening with your case, and you want to know that your lawyer is actively fighting for you.  We take this responsibility very seriously, and do not sleep well at night knowing that a client is incarcerated or relying on something not yet done.  Communication and understanding is critical to an effective attorney-client relationship and positive results.